Residential Cleaning

DocTrClean has just the remedy your home needs to retain a refreshing, healthy, and relaxed sensation. With strict weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly "check-ups", you'll never have that "I don't even know where to start" feeling ever again. With our top of the line Riccar vacuum, our trusted employees, and your personalized cleaning products, your home will be ready for any event you might host, or just a relaxing day off.

The Riccar Premium Radiance vacuum is not your run-of-the-mill commercial vacuum.  The dirt sensing display will let us know if there is any dirt embedded in the depths of your carpet.  Pets? No problem! Our high-flow clean air motor will rid of even the shortest of hair.  This vacuum will also filter the air being emitted into your home, eliminating any allergy-related concerns.


Bedroom & Living Area    
Dusting Ceiling fans Vacuuming Light Bulb Replacement
Dusting Blinds Garbage Removal Windows Cleaned
Dusting Baseboards Cleaning Door and Walls Sanitizing
Dusting Light Fixtures Cobweb Removal Organizing
Dusting/Cleaning Furniture Carpet Cleaning  
Dusting Ceiling Fans Vacuuming Replenish Hand Soap
Dusting Blinds Garbage Removal Light Bulb Replacement
Dusting Baseboards Cleaning Doors and Walls Organize
Dusting Light Fixtures Cobweb Removal Sanitize
Dusting/Cleaning Furniture Tile and Grout cleaning  
Dusting/Cleaning Cabinets Appliances Cleaned  
Bathtub, Toilet, and sink cleaning Garbage Removal Tile and Grout Cleaning
Dusting Blinds Cleaning Doors and Walls Mirror Cleaning
Dusting Baseboards Cobweb Removal Replenish Hand Soap
Dusting Light Fixtures Carpet Cleaning Light Bulb Replacement
Dusting/Cleaning Furniture Vacuuming Sanitize


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