Office Cleaning

 We customize our work around our customers' needs, 100%. Your customers,clients, and employees will love how clean and fresh your office is when you choose DocTrClean.  Walking into an office that does not look, smell, or feel hygienic is the first thing people notice when they walk in the door. Scuff marks on the walls, dust anywhere, and clutter all make people second guess the services provided at the particular office they are walking into.  A clean office functions more smoothly and efficiently, so what are you waiting for? Compare our prices to our competitors and call for a free estimate today!


Waiting room area

Dusting Ceiling fans Vacuuming Light Bulb Replacement
Dusting Blinds Garbage Removal Windows Cleaned
Dusting Baseboards Cleaning Door and Walls Sanitizing
Dusting Light Fixtures Cobweb Removal Organizing
Dusting/Cleaning Furniture Carpet Cleaning  
Staff Cafeteria    
Dusting Ceiling Fans Vacuuming Replenish Hand Soap
Dusting Blinds Garbage Removal Light Bulb Replacement
Dusting Baseboards Cleaning Doors and Walls Organize
Dusting Light Fixtures Cobweb Removal Sanitize
Dusting/Cleaning Furniture Tile and Grout cleaning  
Dusting/Cleaning Cabinets Appliances Cleaned  
Bathtub, Toilet, and sink cleaning Garbage Removal Tile and Grout Cleaning
Dusting Blinds Cleaning Doors and Walls Mirror Cleaning
Dusting Baseboards Cobweb Removal Replenish Hand Soap
Dusting Light Fixtures Carpet Cleaning Light Bulb Replacement
Dusting/Cleaning Furniture Vacuuming Sanitize


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