Customer satisfaction is our number one concern, and we ensure this with top-of-the-line quality cleaning and products. You name it, and we can clean it. The whole team at DocTrClean truly cares about your home or office, and our unique set of services offer a wide range of options for you to choose from, and the total flexibility to suit your needs. We understand the economic situation, which is why we provide not only the best prices around, but a very flexible schedule to serve every type of working household or business.

1.) Professional cleaning
2.) Professional products
3.) Best Prices Hands DOWN!!!
4.) Complimentary Gifts for the home
5.) Extra options (soap, towels, etc.)
6.) Quick and quiet
7.) Laundry with next day delivery
8.) Wakeup Call
9.) RICCAR Vacuums (The best in the Business)
10.) 1 year contract rates (Even Better Prices)
11.) Refer a friend and get 1 free cleaning service
12.) Insured and bonded
13.) Light bulb Replacement


DocTrClean has just the remedy your home needs to retain a refreshing, healthy, and relaxed sensation. With strict weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly "check-ups", you'll never have that "I don't even know where to start" feeling ever again. With our top of the line Riccar vacuum, our trusted employees, and your personalized cleaning products, your home will be ready for any event you might host, or just a relaxing day off.

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