Residential Rates

Here at  DocTrClean we strive to make your home cozy and fresh for less. We've come up with three helpful options to make your visits cost as low as possible while providing absolutely the best service available. Relying on the square footage of your home can ultimately be more expensive then getting a free estimate. We can only promise the lowest price possible with option A, a customized quote by one of our representatives. Option B and C are recommended for first visits, one time visits, or perhaps a trial visit.


A. Customized Estimate - Free of charge! We will tour your home or office with you and give you a personalized estimate.

B. $0.09 / sq. ft. This may be the quickest way. Compare our prices with competitors online to view the value!

C. $30 / hour. This is ideal for a one-time cleaning; prices are pro-rated for your convenience!

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